How does the foundation work

The Board of Directors manages the Foundation. The Board consists of 14 volunteers. Twelve are elected annually by the foundation’s voting members, particularly those whose financial contribution has awarded them the title of “Governor”, “Lifetime Governor” or “Great Donor”. Two Directors are chosen and delegated by the LaSalle Borough Council.

To fill vacant positions, the Board has the power to name people that are not voting members.

At the time of the annual election, any outgoing member of the Board of Directors can present an eligible candidacy.

The Board of Directors meets at least six times a year. The administrators also sit on various committees and hold regular meetings. In order to accelerate the discussion process between administrators, frequent exchanges also occur by e-mail.

In April 2014, we updated our Administrative Rules : Reglements-administratifs_PROJET.pdf (french)

Board of Directors

The 2013-2014 Board of Directors was elected at our general meeting.

President: Mr. J.-André Langelier, president since October 22nd, 1997. Mr. Langelier was administrator between 1986 to 1993 and President from 1988 to 1993. He also serves on the board of directors of the CSSS Dorval-Lachine-LaSalle.In 2012 he was awarded the Medal of the National Assembly of Québec. He is retired with a financial background.
Vice-president: Mr. Alvaro Farinacci, Vice President since 1990. Member of the Board of Director since 1988. City Councillor and President of Immeubles Genesee Inc.
Secretary: Mr. Réal Sauriol is a member of the Board of Directors since 1999. Mr. Sauriol is an Underwriter at the Scotia Bank
Treasurer: Mr. Jean Archambault, is a board member since 2005. He is a Pharmacist, owner Uniprix Archambault.

Mr. Sylvain Bergevin since 2007 – Wealth Management, RBC Banque Royale
Mr. Luciano Disante since 2009 - Buffet Il Gabbiano
Mr. Gérard Fagouet, Investment Advisor, Valeurs Mobilières Desjardins
Mr. Cédric Fontaine since 2006 – internet consultant, ecommerce specialist
Mr. Roger Hébert, retired
Mr Mathieu Durand, Commandant PDQ 13
Mr Danick Morin, Director - Wealth Management, Desjardins
Ms. Laura-Ann Palestini since 2006 – Borough Councillor
Dr. Mathangi Ramani since 2003 – Radiologist – CHL
Ms. Tina Screnci, regional vice president RBC Royal Bank
Mr. Daniel Thériault since 2009 - director Funeral Home L. Thériault
Ms. Josee Troilo, Borough Councillor LaSalle, Real Estate Agent
Guests :
Mrs Anne Mansour - director École Montessori de Montréal
Mr Johnny Tzouvelakos - co-owner LaSalle Drive Inn

Administrator's – Honourable mention

During the course of the years, volunteer administrators were acknowledged for their commitment. The Foundation is proud to recognize these testimonials.

André Langelier
2012 - Medal of the National Assembly
2008 - Arrondissement de LaSalle - Moulin d'Or
2004 – City of Montreal – finalist Thérèse Daviault Award
2003 - AFESAQ – Volunteer Emeritus – Quebec Hospitals Foundations
2002 - Canada – Medal – 50th year Queen Elizabeth II Coronation
2001 - Caisse Populaire de LaSalle – finalist volunteer of the year
1991 - Ville de LaSalle – Volunteer of the year

Alvaro Farinacci
2003 - Quebec Municipal Organization: recognition for 20 years as City Councilor

In 2005, the LaSalle Hospital Foundation was a finalist at the Gala Moulin d’Or – LaSalle Borough

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